Mother Nature and Healing Gifts of Springtime


Spring has arrived and is bursting forth here in the northeast — a welcome respite from the long, cold winter season. Daffodils, symbols of rebirth and new beginnings, are such a welcome site! Spring draws our attention outward, to the beauty Mother Nature brings us, as we go from inward times of stillness and hibernation to outward times of flowering and activity. 

The natural world provides captivating and enchanting passageways for healing, nourishment, and coming home to our hearts and true nature, beyond the stress and busyness of the everyday world. Nature provides a menu for our senses to take in, digest, and feast upon — glorious colors and hues; fragrant aromas; sounds of wind, birds, bees, and flowing waters; tastes of fresh fruits and vegetables; going barefoot again and walking gently upon Mother Earth; feeling the sun’s warmth as it shines down upon us.  

During the still, silent moments when we touch upon the beauty and mystery in Mother Nature, we can also remember the beauty and mystery within our human nature. At these times we can reconnect with what is blossoming and coming alive within us — dreams, creative projects, relationships — new beginnings. We can reflect upon what seeds we want to plant in our life garden, when, and how to tend them for the most abundant, robust blossoming.

Self-care practices will provide ways and means to fertilize the soil in your garden. Meditation, mindfulness, movement, and breath practices will furnish you with your own “Miracle Gro,” which will enhance your garden’s blossoms. 

  • What do you want to grow in your life garden this spring?
  • When and how will you plant the seeds or seedlings?
  • Who and what will you include to nourish new growth in your life garden?

I wish you an abundantly beautiful, nourishing, and healing springtime…….



What Self-care practices will best nourish you and your life garden? 


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