gina_Rosenthal_smallOne of today’s greatest challenges is living a healthy, joyous, and fulfilled life while juggling daily demands and stresses. You can discover solutions to this by increasing Self-awareness, using Self-care practices, and accessing untapped resources within your body-mind wisdom, your heart, and your authentic Self.

For three decades I have served in the healing arts as a physical therapist, coach, teacher, and writer. Since one size does not fit all, a collaborative approach is used during sessions to provide education, strategies, and tools that will maximize your health and well-being; empower your ability to participate in a healthy lifestyle; and strengthen your capacity to live in harmonious alignment with your life path and goals.

Through this journey to the heart of healing you will:

  • expand your body-mind awareness
  • strengthen your ability to manage stress
  • promote Self-healing and participation in daily well-being
  • clarify your goals and challenges
  • use your strengths and talents to support change
  • create powerful action plans and revise them as needed
  • combine internal and external resources to amplify healing
  • discover how to use accountability to support your goals
  • gain insight and empowerment through Self-care practices
  • enhance creativity, play, joy, and gratitude
  • create meaningful, heart-centered lifestyles and relationships
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