NJ Acupressure for Anyone Workshops: Seva Acupressure for Self-Care, Using Seva With Others, Cold and Flu Formulas


I can’t believe 2017 is coming to an end and I will be teaching the last Acupressure for Anyone programs for this year. Stay tuned for the upcoming 2018 schedule of classes!

If you are looking for simple, time and cost efficient ways to reduce stress and promote relaxation amidst the busy holiday season these NJ Acupressure for Anyone workshops will provide the gift that keeps on giving — Seva Acupressure for Self-care, Using Seva Acupressure with Others, and Cold and Flu Formulas.

Seva in Sanskrit means compassionate service. The Seva Acupressure program was initially used at Ground Zero after the events of 9/11. Subsequently it was used with students at Towson State University and with military personnel at Walter Reed Medical Center. In 2012, the University of Maryland Medical Center, in conjunction with the Center for Integrative Care, used Seva acupressure with Richard Norris, the recipient of the first full facial transplant performed there. Using Seva acupressure before, during, and after surgery promoted enhanced relaxation and pain relief for Richard.

Give yourself a gift for the holidays by learning about Seva Acupressure and self-care practices! The programs offered are easy to perform and profoundly supportive of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. In the workshops you will experience the healing and transformative power of acupressure; learn a unique method of touch through demonstration and hands-on practice; and learn Chakra Tai Chi a movement meditation practice for self-care. In Seva Part 1 you will learn to use Seva for self-care; in Seva Part 2 you will learn how to use Seva acupressure with others. In the third program, Colds and Flu Formulas, you will learn acupressure formulas to enhance health, body awareness, and well-being. These formulas do not replace medical care. They can, however, be used for prevention and addressing cold, flu, allergy and/or immune symptoms.

Seva Parts 1 and 2 are pre-requisites for the Colds and Flu Formulas workshop. Continuing education: 3 CEUS available for each program for nurses, massage therapists, Asian bodyworkers.


Ocean County Vocational Technical School, BRICK, NJ: Wednesday and Thursday, November 1 and 2: SEVA ACUPRESSURE FOR SELF-CARE (Part 1) and USING SEVA WITH OTHERS (Part 2), 6:30 Р9:30 pm. Fee: $50 EACH program. 

Ocean County Vocational Technical School, TOMS RIVER, NJ: Monday, November 27, COLD AND FLU FORMULAS, 6:30 Р9:30 pm. Fee: $50. 

REGISTRATION: Ocean County Vocational Technical School — 732-473-3100, X 1000

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