“The Heart of Healing is an invaluable resource guide. It is both a practical and inspirational book that motivates the reader to address his or her own well-being and actualize the benefits of self-care.”

Angeles Arrien, Ph.D
Cultural Anthropologist
Author of The Four-Fold Way


“The Heart of Healing is a valuable guide to the process of healing. Regina wisely explains how a healing process differs from the quick fix of symptom treatment. She describes an ever-evolving path of healing from illness to diagnosis through the bumpy but enlightening road to recovery and growth.”

Aminah Raheem, Ph.D
Founder & Spiritual Director
Soul Lightening® International
Author of Soul Return and Soul Lightening


“The Heart of Healing is a portal inviting all who face life’s inevitable healing challenges to join in a guided but personally-owned journey toward wholeness. The abundant resources provided will orient even novices to the use of self-renewal practices. Readers are introduced to the wisdom of Regina’s favorite teachers, her challenges and hard-won progress, and compassionate observations of travelers on the path toward healing. Come in, explore, partake, and finally come home to yourself, perhaps for the first time!”

The Reverand Dr. Patricia S. Medley
Pastor, Hope Lutheran Church
Freehold, New Jersey


“The Heart of Healing will provide you with healing strategies culled from extensive experience, traditional wisdom teachings, and personal stories, woven through with an exceptional, loving attitude. Regina takes readers through the process of healing, from the first shock of being hit by a malady to the slow recognition of the patience and courage needed to recover. I highly recommend this book.”

Lydia Salant, M.A., L.Ac., Therapist


“A timeless, heart-felt and life impacting book filled with powerful stories and lessons to illuminate a path to healing for every reader. Regina speaks to us from a place of grace, wisdom, and integrity. Her work is the North Star for all of us who wish to heal.”

Lu Pierro, M.Ed.S
Grassroots organizer Worldwide Holistic Day


“As a breast cancer survivor, The Heart of Healing offered me priceless Self-care tools and practices that inspired and awakened the healer within me. It led me on a journey that enabled me to understand the connecting link between my mind, body and spirit ‒ my heart ‒ and helped me replace feelings of fear with feelings of peace and hope for my future.”

Deanna Gallo


“This book is invaluable for anyone interested in living consciously from an awakened heart. The tools and reflections in it will help you meet the challenges of being present each moment, and will assist you with making wise, healthy choices. As an acupuncturist with a long-time meditation and journaling practice, The Heart of Healing supported the refinement and evolution of my conscious awareness. It provided me with steppingstones home to my true nature, my authentic Self.”

Betsy Baker, M.Ed., M.,Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist


“Regina’s beautiful creation is a gift that will assist you with opening to your unique healing journey. The insightful stories and Self-care practices will deepen your awareness, and help you discover pathways to the wisdom within your heart.”

Kathleen Rose Schival
Licensed Massage Therapist


“Regina Rosenthal has walked through the fire of life and emerged victorious. In The Heart Of Healing she eagerly shares how our pains and celebrations expand our hearts’ understanding, compassion, and acceptance, and how this leads us to discover our true core of happiness and contentment.”

Peggy Jaegly

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