Health Coaching

The Circle of Life coaching program is a breakthrough method for personal and professional empowerment and maximizing health, vitality, and well-being. This program has been presented in hospitals, private practices, schools, and business settings. Through this program participants learn a powerful process that evaluates the full spectrum of life from nutrition and exercise to life purpose and spirituality. The process teaches ways to transform obstacles into opportunities, and facilitates making skillful life changes through a focused, supportive process and use of Self-care practices. Individual or group coaching programs generally meet for a six to eight week period of time, during which participants learn how to:

  • evaluate 12 life aspects
  • assess readiness for change, personal strengths, and areas needingĀ support
  • clarify and set powerful intentions, goals, and action plans
  • review and update action plans
  • use body-mind Self-care practices and strategies
  • recognize and use internal and external resources and support
  • enhance success through accountability
  • experience personal empowerment and renewed well-being
  • renew and strengthen health, energy, and vitality
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