Community Workshops

Several workshops are available where participants can learn and apply Self-care strategies and practices that increase Self-awareness; maximize health and well-being; promote active participation in health care; and empower the ability to live in joyful alignment with one’s life purpose.

Through these workshops participants will:

  • expand body-mind awareness
  • strengthen their ability to manage stress
  • clarify goals and challenges
  • use strengths and talents to support change
  • create powerful action plans with revisions as needed
  • combine internal and external resources to amplify healing
  • discover how to use accountability to support goals
  • gain insight and empowerment through Self-care practices
  • enhance creativity, play, joy, and gratitude
  • create meaningful, heart-centered lifestyles and relationships

Seva Stress Release ‒ Acupressure for Self-Care: Part One
(3 hours)

In many cultures around the world there is a practice of giving service from the heart. Giving to another person with no expectation of personal gain (Seva) benefits the giver as well as the receiver.

In this dynamic, interactive three hour workshop participants will learn about the health benefits of acupressure by learning and practicing The Seva Stress Release Acupressure protocol for Self-care. This protocol addresses a wide range of needs, from general relaxation and well-being to extreme shock and stress. Participants will learn through demonstration, hands-on practice, and by performing Chakra Tai Chi, a movement series that increases awareness and promotes health. Six Self-care tools will be learned: acupressure, meditation, breathing practices, mindfulness, journaling, and movement. Participants will take home valuable skills to use as a home program.

Part One of the Seva workshop is a pre-requisite for Part Two below. It can be taken independently or in combination with Part Two.

Fee: $60

Seva Stress Release Acupressure: Part Two (3 hours)

Part One of The Seva Stress Release is a pre-requisite for Part Two. In this three-hour workshop participants will review the Seva protocol and Chakra Tai Chi. In addition, they will learn how to use this acupressure protocol with others through demonstration and practicing the protocol with class participants seated in chairs and lying on massage tables. After taking Part One and Part Two, participants will be able to use Seva for Self-care, and with family and friends. The six-hour Seva Stress Release workshop can be scheduled in two (3) hour segments or one (6) hour segment.

Fee: $60

Acupressure for Anyone Workshops (A4A)

Seva Part One and Part Two are a pre-requisite for A4A workshops. Acupressure for Anyone puts the extraordinary healing gifts of acupressure into the hands of ordinary people. Workshops are designed to teach individuals of any age, profession, or educational background how to enhance health using acupressure. A4A provides simple methods that individuals can apply on their own to enhance health, mind-body awareness, and well-being. Acupressure formulas are given for common health issues such as headache, insomnia, colds & flu, digestion, etc., as well as powerful balancing formulas for managing stress and calming the mind and spirit.

Six workshops are offered in 3-hour modules, and can be tailored to specific communities. The training is designed for “regular folks” who want to learn to take care of themselves and their families. People love to give and receive this method because it is easy to learn, pleasant to deliver, and comfortable to receive. For full course descriptions see

Fee: $60 for each (3) hour module

Maximizing Health and Wellbeing Through Self-Care

The Circle of Life coaching program is a breakthrough method for personal empowerment and maximizing health, vitality, and well-being. This program has been presented in hospitals, private practices, schools, and business settings. Participants explore twelve life aspects, from nutrition and exercise to life purpose and spirituality. A powerful process is learned for prioritizing, making, and sustaining meaningful change. The program helps transform obstacles into opportunities and facilitates change through a focused, supportive process. Groups generally meet over a six to eight week period of time, during which participants learn how to:

  • evaluate 12 aspects of life
  • assess readiness for change, strengths, and areas needing support
  • clarify and set powerful intentions, goals, and action plans
  • review and update action plans
  • use body-mind Self-care skills and strategies
  • recognize and use internal and external resources and support
  • enhance success through accountability
  • experience personal empowerment and renewed wellbeing
  • renew and strengthen health, energy, and vitality

Fee: To be determined based on format (hours and number of sessions)

Stress Busters—Self-Empowerment for Everyday Life

One of today’s greatest challenges is living a healthy, joyous, and fulfilled life while juggling daily demands and stresses. In this three-hour workshop participants will learn to transform stress and challenges into opportunities for growth and personal empowerment. Blocks to change will be explored, and participants will learn strategies and tools to manage stress; explore and learn to use body-mind signals and resources for guidance; and restore whole being energy, resilience, and vitality. Participants will learn seven Self-care tools: breathing practices, acupressure, journaling, meditation, mindfulness, self-massage, and movement.

Fee: $60

Movement, Awareness, And Self-Healing

In this three-hour workshop participants will learn and experience the benefits of gentle movement practices. Self-healing principles will be explored in an interactive process, using a variety of movement approaches and an Awareness Journal. Participants will be able to use what they have learned to: reduce stress; increase Self-awareness; improve health; and increase balance, flexibility, coordination, and strength. In addition, participants will be able to establish a valuable home program, incorporating movement strategies and skills learned.

Fee: $60

Care for the Caregiver

One of today’s challenges is remaining healthy while juggling the daily demands and stresses of being a caregiver. In this six-hour workshop participants will learn how to transform obstacles into opportunities for growth and personal empowerment. Personal challenges will be explored and valuable body-mind solutions will be discovered through self-reflection, group process, using personal strengths and skills, and recognizing internal and external resources. Body-mind Self-care strategies and tools presented include: use of an Awareness Journal; breathing practices; acupressure; meditation; mindfulness; movement approaches; and vision boards. Participants will be able to develop a valuable program for Self-care based on what has been learned.

Fee: $120

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