Healing Questionnaire

The questions below will assist you with exploring your current beliefs, perceptions, and attitudes about healing. They will enhance your current Self-awareness, provide insights for Self-healing journeys, and help build a foundation for re-connection with your heart and authentic Self during healing.


    1. How do you define healing — physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually?

    2. What internal and/or external healing challenges have you encountered?

      1. physical struggles

      2. emotional upheavals

      3. mental beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions

      4. spiritual or life force factors

    3. What and/or who assisted your healing process?

      1. self-awareness, personal strengths, practices used (i.e. exercise, prayer, meditation, journaling, hobbies, sports, music, art, pets, nature)

      2. mentors, role models, internal and external resources and support

      3. relationships, friendships

      4. physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual factors

    4. What have you learned about yourself and your life path and purpose through healing experiences?

    5. Describe your greatest lessons and insights gained through healing.

    6. What new intentions, goals, and dreams have emerged as a result of your healing journeys?

    7. What do you want medical and health-care professionals to know about the healing process, personally and professionally, to enhance their awareness and presence with those they serve?
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