Bio — Regina Rosenthal

My life journey has brought extensive experiences with yoga, meditation, and healing practices. Each helped me recognize the need to integrate complementary and allopathic medicine. The most significant learning about transformation and Self-healing, however, has been provided by individuals I have worked with in my physical therapy practice. I am grateful to them for the enlightenment and blessings they have brought to my journey.

I am passionate about personal growth and development and Self-actualization. I believe we have limitless potential to bring healing and heart-centered living to ourselves and our world. Education and Self-knowledge help us to live and perceive reality differently. My formal education has included:

  • Bachelor of Science in Education — City University of New York
  • Certificate in Physical Therapy — Kean University / University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
  • Master of Arts in Counselor Education — Kean University

My mission is to promote peace and world healing by offering opportunities to increase Self-awareness and Self-healing, using body-mind therapies and Self-care practices. After working in hospital, home care, private practice, and university settings, I established Dimensions of Wellness in 1991. Experiences with clients led me to develop a “Chronic Pain Self-Help Class” toward my Master’s Thesis, which I taught for five years at my practice. While an instructor in the Craniomandibular Disorders Program, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, I instituted and taught “Stress Busters,” a stress management program for clinic patients. Each of these classes originated from one belief: when internal wisdom and abilities are combined with external health services and resources, a partnership is established that amplifies healing potential and possibilities.

I am an Advanced Practitioner and Instructor of Process Acupressure, a hands-on whole person approach to furthering health, well-being, and soul-centered development. This approach combines acupressure with energy pathways defined in Chinese and Indian medicine. I use various body-mind approaches in my practice: craniosacral therapy; energy medicine; Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement®; lymphatic mobilization; muscle energy; myofascial release; neural tissue mobilization; strain-counterstrain; the Trager® approach; and visceral mobilization. I have presented integrative manual therapy workshops to health professionals nationally and internationally, as well as seminars on health and Self-healing to community groups nationwide.

My book, The Heart of Healing: Discovering the Secrets of Self-Care, explores seven themes encountered during the healing process. It describes the return home to our heart and authentic Self that often accompanies healing. My personal and professional experiences with healing are presented, along with healing journeys of individuals I have worked with. Readers will discover how Self-care practices in each chapter can maximize their health and well-being. My journey and healing continue to unfold as I share life with my husband and family, teach, write, garden, knit, and become present with the heart of healing as it emerges in myself and individuals I see in my private practice.

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