“Sometimes it seems to me that He heard the murmuring pain of all things that grow in the sun, and that then He lifted them up and supported them, not only by His own knowledge, but also by disclosing to them their own power to rise and become whole.”
Kahlil Gibran

Welcome to the journey of living a strong, healthy, awake, and heart-centered life. My mission is to promote peace and world healing by offering opportunities that facilitate enhanced awareness and Self-Healing…..one individual, one group, at a time.

I work with individuals to: optimize health and well-being; support growth and development; and empower their ability to live in joyful alignment with their life purpose. I use an interactive process that combines education, coaching, body-mind manual therapies, and Self-care practices. Through this process, individuals also strengthen the connection with their heart and authentic Self.

Come inside this site and yourself! Learn and benefit through creating sacred time for reconnection with the unique, beautiful being within. Your one-of-a-kind gifts and talents are needed to bring peace and healing into our world!


The Heart of Healing

The Heart of Healing will awaken you to the dynamics of conscious healing through personal and professional stories that describe the process, and how healing manifests into a journey home to the heart and authentic Self. Learn more»

Educational Workshops

Many workshops are available for continuing education and community presentations, where participants learn how to maximize wellbeing and use Self-care skills and strategies. Learn More»


Specializing in integrative manual therapies and Self-care practices designed to restore balance, harmony, and resilience to physical and energetic structures impacted by illness and stress. Learn More»
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